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Hi guys, I’m Monica – writer and founder of Stylinglifetoday.com. This is my blog and my life as I see it through my boys’ eyes and everyday struggles. I love writing, organising, planning, being productive and all things beauty and fashion related. I have 2 baby boys – Michael (nearly years old) and Max (4 months)

I studied Law at University and went on to become a solicitor as my “day” job and then I became a mother and took on the role of “stay at home mum” and decided to pursue my love for writing and helping others through my blog.

Through Stylinglifetoday.com, I get to share my tips, hacks and, most importantly, product reviews for all you lovely mummies (and even daddies) and mummies-to-be who want to be well informed before splashing out your cash on different baby essentials, toys, beauty products and necessities. And for all you shopaholics out there I even provide updates on my favourite sales and promo codes which I have managed to source just for YOU from my favourite (and very kind) brands.

Some of the lovely brands I have had the pleasure to collaborate with are Belly Bandit UK, Esqido, Snugglebundl and NESSA Organics. I am always on the lookout for new eco-friendly, safe and cost-effective brands to work with so that I may be able to continue offering parents and ladies advice, choice and discounts on choosing their essentials wisely. “It’s always best to learn from other people’s trial and errors rather than your own” – am I right or am I right :p

For housekeeping please don’t forget to check out my Legal Terms and Privacy Policy – so everyone is happy 😊

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I hope you enjoy the blog and do get in touch to let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see on here. I am more than happy to consider your requests e.g. certain products to be tested and reviewed, wardrobe ideas to cover, specific sales to research etc!

For Collaboration Enquiries

If you would like to collaborate with me please don’t hesitate to contact me at monica@stylinglifetoday.com

Collaboration Options:
Review a product
Host/ take part in a giveaway
Sponsored posts
Social media campaigns
Anything else…


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