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Sustainable Fashion Never Looked So Good

It might seem like an oxymoron, but there are plenty of us out there who live for fashion. We want to make good, sustainable choices about the things we buy, including our clothing and accessories. Those of us who follow…

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The Pros & Cons of Different Flooring For Your Home

When you are designing or renovating your home, one of the major decisions that you are going to have to make is which flooring to use. You might use one kind throughout almost all of the home, or you might…

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7 Family-Friendly Uses of Sudocrem

Sudocrem has been the saviour for all babies when it comes to nappy rashes. But did you know that Sudocrem is also great for many other skincare issues? Oh yes, this little grey-tub has been around more almost 90 years…

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Ultimate Beauty Guide: 7 Uses of Olive Oil

Using natural products you find in the kitchen is not only great for cooking your healthy meals with: they are also great for beauty routines too. One great example of this is Olive Oil. It is used around the world…

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Part 2 of my Gift Guide Series: the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide! I find it so hard to pick presents for men (be it, my father or husband) as I never know what to get them to make them…

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Make Reading Fun for Kids with Books2Door

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Femme Luxe Loungewear Sets – Gifted Review

(AD | GIFTED) When you’re stuck at home pretty much all day long, the only thing you can think about is being comfortable. What better way to be comfortable and still look stylish and pretty, then by wearing gorgeous, comfy…

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Gift Guide: Birthday Presents For Toddlers

Welcome to my “Gift Guide” series, where I will be producing gift ideas for national holidays, anniversaries, special occasions and of course birthdays. To kick start my Gift Guide series, I have put together a list of presents we have…

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Brighten Your Smile (and teeth) – Smileo Product Review

(AD | GIFTED) I have always wanted to have pearly white teeth just like Hollywood celebrities. But professional whitening costs an arm and a leg especially when you have 2 little children and on maternity leave. What’s a mama to do,…

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Historical London: 3 Places Your Children Will Love

In recent times, the issue of the generational gap has been brought up time and time again. We talk about it in national politics, around the dinner table and with our friends. Is it something to do with cultural shifts?…

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