Cosy Autumn Fashion Styles For 2020

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Autumn fashion is almost here. For many women, the Autumn months bring with them the best style, with the most freedom to experiment. From autumn tones to layering up, and from knitted sweaters to comfy loungewear, there are endless opportunities to create amazing outfits.

Unfortunately, quarantine has stolen a lot of summer fashion moments from us. While there are still a few weeks of sunshine left, summertime style is coming to an end for the year. Although you should embrace the rest of August, it’s time to get to work on your autumn wardrobe and start planning your autumn fashion looks.

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Cosy Autumn Fashion Styles For 2020

Once you’ve decided to put away your bikinis and short-shorts for another year, you’ll have to start thinking about adding a little more coverage. However, you don’t need to wrap up completely just yet. Some of the emerging autumn trends are quite transitional, as they blend summer vibes with fall style. Like the leaves, slowly changing from green to brown, you can adjust your outfits over time.

The key to your autumn fashion choices for the coming months is adaptability. Autumn weather can be unpredictable. As the temperatures begin to drop, you need to start adding layers, wearing jackets and rethinking your footwear options. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, there are still stunning fashionable options available.

No matter the circumstances, fall fashion looks set to pop-off in 2020. If you’re piecing together outfits and ideas to wear this autumn, here are fourteen ideas to inspire your style.

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Bring back the booties for your autumn fashion looks

Boots are synonymous with fall fashion. Knee-high or over the knee boots have been staples for many years. This year is no different, with this versatile option being the perfect accompaniment to jeans, leggings, a skirt, or a dress.

If the longer look isn’t for you, there are some alternative options. Ankle boots are hugely popular, particularly in darker colours. Suede and leatherwork perfectly with bare legs or with pants. Chelsea boots and mid-top booties with buckles are always in vogue come September.

Most importantly, bring back the booties that you love wearing or mix and match your footwear.

Bag // Jeans // Booties // Stroller

Shades of autumn fashion

With the changing of seasons comes some of the most beautiful scenery of the year. Autumn brings a host of warm and inviting colours. Incorporating seasonal colour into your wardrobe is one of the most charming aspects of autumn fashion.

Swap out your bright and vibrant summer colour schemes and replace them with shades of autumn. Instead of shiny and energetic, think mellow and cosy.

Deep reds, yellow, orange, and brown are traditional autumn tones that can provide the colour pattern for the fundamental pieces of your outfits. Complimentary shades include lavender, purple, blue, and certain tints of green. Try combining these colours for amazing autumnal hues.

Forever denim

You may be familiar with the 1970s James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever”. Just like diamonds, denim is forever. As a timeless fashion material, denim is always relevant. Don’t cast aside your summer denim just yet.

While you might not have much use for denim shorts, a skirt can be worn over leggings for a casual look. It is a great outfit choice for early autumn. If you’re brave enough to go double-denim, a shirt is an easy transition fashion item too. Denim jackets come in various styles, each of which can be worn throughout the autumn.

As a tone and texture, denim is an ideal match for autumnal colouring. Mix up some of your autumn vibe outfits with denim pieces for some added flair.

When it comes to jeans, skinny legs have fallen down the pecking order. Throughout the past 12 to 18 months, we have seen baggier fits become more popular. Look to a looser fit that suits your body type. Some considerations could be tapered varieties, flared, or straight leg cuts.

(similar options) Sneakers // Jeans // Jacket

Impress with a sweater dress

Just when you thought that sweater weather had reached its peak, the world was introduced to the sweaterdress. These pieces are effortlessly chic and comfortable, making them perfectly suited to relaxed evenings at home as well as afternoons running errands and shopping.

Depending on the material of your dress, it can be matched with anything. Sweaterdresses come in several varieties. Experiment with different sleeves, cuffs, collars, colours, and lengths.

Strap on your favourite pair of boots, wrap up in warm leggings and flaunt your sweaterdress for the cosiest autumn outfit.

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Cosy knitwear for autumn fashion

Although you might want to wait until winter to commit fully to knitwear items, autumn can be a perfect time to introduce some. Quality knitwear such as cashmere and wool is incredibly soft and comfortable fabrics, making knitted clothing the ultimate loungewear. However, because of the high-calibre material, some knitwear gives off a sophisticated look.

Seek out handmade or high-quality knitwear sweaters, cardigans, hats, and scarves for stylish yet cosy outfits.

cardigan, jeans and top view

Sneakers (similar option) // Jeans // Top // Cardigan // Necklace

Athleisure outfits

Athleisure has never been hotter. Even though it’s more commonly associated with fine weather, activewear has improved significantly in recent years, making it a year-round outfit option. Sports gear is now practical and stylish, making it some of the most versatile clothing on the market.

Matching tracksuits in a variety of styles are ideal for a mild autumn day. Track pants can be worn with a hoodie or oversized sweatshirt. There are endless amounts of leggings available, some of which are designed for fashion rather than athletic performance.

Trainers are now commonplace in all environments, from the office to the gym.

Sports Leggings // Sports Bra // Sports Tank

On-trend handbags

The best way to approach your autumn handbag choices is to think suitability and practicality. What are your go-to outfits going to entail? What are your themes and colour schemes going to be? The materials and colours are very important to complete a look.

Faux fur and shearling are great material options to go with a teddy coat. Crossbody, mini totes, and bucket bags are all popular choices for 2020.

Crossbody Bag (US link) // Sandals

Snoods and scarves

Snoods and scarves are going to be huge this season. As well as being highly fashionable, these accessories can double up as face and mouth coverings – something that looks set to stay throughout the rest of the year.

Snoods are the more practical of the two, providing more warmth than a scarf. They are best suited when matched with activewear or casual clothing.

Scarves are the more stylish option and can blend seamlessly with a smart outfit. Try different materials with your outfits. A light scarf can transform a look while providing you with the necessary warmth on an autumn evening.

Consider autumn colours in wool, cashmere, and linen fabrics.

Walking In The Leaves

Scarf // Jacket // Jeans // Booties(similar options)

Equestrian chic

Equestrian chic is an elegant style that’s based on fashion associated with horse-riding culture. Think British country, rather than American cowboy. Equine fashion is particularly suited to Autumn. Between high riding boots, patterned blazers, and tailored female suits, these outfits provide a classic aesthetic that’s highly practical.

Newsboy hats are the ultimate accessory to compliment equestrian chic. French-style berets are suitable alternatives.

Embrace the dress

Too many women are afraid to wear dresses. However, wearing one can be an empowering fashion choice. Be proud of your figure and embrace the dress. A mid to long dress, a sweaterdress, or a shirtdress are great transitional options from summer to autumn.

If the weather is on the cool side, wear warm leggings underneath, or don your favourite pair of knee-high booties.

Accessorize using a fitted belt in an autumnal shade. This will add shape to your outfit, accentuating your figure. 

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Dress // Sneakers

Grunge it up

Grunge has always been fashionable. As a stylistic niche, there are certain aspects of the grunge culture that are iconic. What’s more, ‘90s fashion is currently in vogue, making grunge even more relevant.

Band t-shirts are a go-to for a rocker vibe and work so well with jeans and a denim or leather jacket. Combine slip dresses and doc martins with plaid patterns and fishnet tights to complete the look.

If you want to add some high street influence, consider browsing some lines by Burberry.


Fiery sunsets, bright mornings, and icy clear evenings are commonplace in the autumn months. Sunglasses are a practical item of clothing but shouldn’t be overlooked as fashion accessories. As mentioned, autumn fashion is all about layering. Think of your eyewear as another layer that adds depth to your outfit.

While the shades that you choose should depend entirely on the shape and complexion of your face, large lenses are in-keeping with the seasonal vibe.

girl in sunglasses

Romper (different colour) // Sunglasses // Swimsuit (similar options)

Autumn patterns

Every season is tied to particular stylistic patterns. The autumn months are represented by plaid and check patterns. These designs are enhanced by colour and texture. Depending on your hair colour and skin tone, certain colour schemes are best suited. Cotton, woollen, and flannel are ideal fabrics for shirts and pants of this style.

Without fully embracing the cowboy look, consider matching autumn patterns with denim, knitwear, and seasonally appropriate boots.

picture of my autumn outfit

Two-Tone Pants

The double coloured pants option adds lots of volume to your outfit, which really suits autumn fashion. Escape the monotony of jeans, slacks, or plain leggings with multiple tones. The most useful aspect of dual colouring is that the pants can be matched with plain designs.

Try combining your two-tone pants with chunky knitwear, an oversized sweater, or a ruffled jacket.

What’s your go-to autumn fashion outfit?

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