7 Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste Lifestyle Swaps

7 Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste Lifestyle Swaps

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not only great for saving our planet one day at a time. It is also more cost-effective and clutter-free! It helps you stay organised as you don’t have to worry about having too much stuff. And with the technology and products these days, it is actually fun and stylish! It is a new fashion trend even. Which influencer has the most stylish eco-friendly cup or what stylish trendy home decor items do bloggers have in their home, and so on. So how about we check out my top 7 eco-friendly zero-waste lifestyle swaps.

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7 Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste Lifestyle Swaps

After a little bit of research at how I could take mindful steps to help save the planet and do my bit for the eco-system, I found some great zero-waste lifestyle products. They were all products I could see myself using every day without compromising on quality or benefits. 

Here are my top 10 eco-friendly, zero-waste lifestyle swaps you can easily incorporate into your home and life:

Cotton Wool Pads & Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Have you ever taken notice of the number of cotton wool pads you get through in a week/ month? I use them for removing my makeup, nail varnish, cleansing my face, applying toner and more! I go through at least 2-3 a day. That equals to 14-21 cotton wool pads a week and about 60-90 a month. Yes, that is quite a lot. One way to combat this is to get reusable bamboo cotton wool pads. These are gentle and practical. You just use one for whatever it is you need, then rinse and reuse for the next beauty related task. This really helps the planet as you are being conscious about what you bin constantly and is an easy zero-waste lifestyle swap to make in your life. 

A couple of other great beauty zero-waste lifestyle swaps are shampoo and cleansing bars. They not only protect the planet by being plastic-free, but they contain amazing all-natural ingredients which benefits your hair and face. 

Eco Friendly beauty products

Eco Friendly beauty products

Bamboo Toothbrushes

I never thought I would use, let alone like, bamboo, eco-friendly toothbrushes. They are great, soft-bristled (which is what I need for my sensitive teeth and gums) and leave my teeth feeling clean! I was actually kindly gifted these Gondola Bamboo they even have these amazing toothbrushes for kids too! This way you can teach them early on to be more eco-friendly and lead a zero-waste life! These are vegan, made from natural bamboo and have biodegradable handles and packaging. It’s a great choice and one of the great eco-friendly zero-waste lifestyle swaps. 


Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

One of my favourite zero-waste lifestyle swaps that I made for my toddler was getting him a stainless steel lunch box. It has made such a difference to our lives. Not only do I use it to teach my child the importance of plastic and the harmful effects it has on our planet, but the lunch box is so versatile in our lives that it actually makes things better. The one we had chosen is very compact and has 3 different compartments. It also keeps your food fresh from the stainless steel material it comes in. You can easily use it as a food container at home to store in your fridge if needed, as well as take it out on the go with little children for picnics/ hikes and of course school lunches. 

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Zero-waste shopping bags has to be my favourite eco-friendly items that have been created. I have always loved a stylish and cute bag, and we all know that plastic shopping bags are not only really bad for the planet and our eco-system as they pollute the waters causing harm to our marine life, but also not an attractive option when it comes to living a stylish life. Now we welcome the reusable shopping bag that comes in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. If you want to look great whilst out grocery shopping and save the world at the same time, then you will definitely want to make this zero-waste lifestyle swap. Here a few options you can invest in and reuse time and again:

Plastic-Free Cups & Bottles

When it comes to being eco-friendly the most common zero-waste lifestyle swap people usually make is to their consumption of plastic bottles. They throw away their plastic cups and bottles (and go plastic-free when out and about) by investing in a sustainable bottle option. There are quite a few appealing options on the market currently including glass, bamboo, thermal and stainless steel. My favourite is this very versatile thermal and stainless steel tumbler mug that can be used for both hot and cold drinks as it comes with a straw and flip lid. It comes in cute colourways and designs and it can be used for a variety of things. Bamboo options are a great alternative too if this is the look you prefer.

outside holding eco friendly bottle

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Stainless Steel Straws

When the world took the unfortunate leap from plastic straws to cardboard/ paper straws, it didn’t make any sense. Cardboard and paper straws get wet when put into liquids and especially when it is in your mouth. I understand wholeheartedly the need to ditch plastic straws and I totally agree. Plastic-free where and when possible to live a zero-waste lifestyle, but just not with paper straws. The alternative to plastic straws and a favourite plastic-free eco-friendly swap of mine has to be the stainless steel straws. They are the cutest thing ever. And they are great for being reusable as you just wash them and reuse. You can get all sorts of colours and shapes and these ones from Amazon are just the best. 

cross legged holding stainless steel straws

Sustainable Glass Food Containers

Food containers are the most important item to get right for your home. And by making the conscious decision to move from plastic to glass containers, you are not only saving our eco-system but you are also protecting your health as the plastic from plastic containers ends up on our food when heated (this is pretty much true for food containers and baby bottles so do your research and choose carefully!). Here are a few alternative options for you to explore when choosing to buy food containers:

What eco-friendly zero-waste lifestyle swaps have you made?

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Full Disclosure: Full Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links which means that when you click on these links and buy something, I may earn a little commission but it does not affect you in any way. I only recommend products I myself love, know about and/or have purchased before. Some of the items have been gifted to me as part of a collaboration to review but please note that all of the opinions are 100% my own ?


  1. 5th November 2020 / 15:42

    I have never seen the bamboo cotton pads, but definitely need to swap out my disposable ones. Thanks for sharing!

    • Monica
      5th November 2020 / 15:46

      Yea and they are on Amazon and reasonably priced saving you lots of money in the long run! Thanks for reading xxx

  2. christinescrafts48
    5th November 2020 / 12:10

    This is a great list as it is not intimidating. All of us can imagine doing one of them to get started.

    • Monica
      5th November 2020 / 15:46

      Thanks so much for reading glad you liked the tips!

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