Meal Planning Tips To Keep You More Organised

meal plan

There are many reasons why you should meal plan. Meal planning involves you deciding on what you would like to cook in advance (usually one week – could be a month if you’re super organised). You would be deciding what to buy and prep in advance. Meal planning involves you being very organised, disciplined and decisive. Organised so you have everything bought, prepped and ready to go when it comes to cooking the meal. Discipline is important so that you actually stick to the plan. If you start moving away from the plan then there’s very little point in creating one. Of course, we all know that life can get in the way….and you should no doubt be prepared for small changes, but you should be versatile enough to mix and match your days.

meal plan

Why meal plan?

Meal planning has a lot of benefits when it comes to organising your home and life. The first and foremost benefit being that you save time and stress. We all know that deciding on what to eat each day can be a chore in itself. Whenever it comes to our family deciding on what we will be having for lunch and dinner we spend a good hour on this issue trying to figure out what to cook. By meal planning, we save that “thinking time” and all that stress trying to come up with our meals when we have already gone through and thought it over. Pick one day to sit down with the whole family and decide on what you ALL want to eat that week. Use a pretty schedule, planner, chalkboard or my handy little printable to note down each day’s meals. Subscribe below for access to my printables.

Save money & waste less

Meal planning also saves money as when you plan your lunches/ dinners in advance you are also planning all the relevant ingredients, so when you go to the grocery store you are buying only what you need for that particular week. I can’t begin to tell you how much money we spend each week purchasing different items each day and still not knowing what to cook. It’s actually so much easier when you go to the grocery store with a plan in mind and only purchase your items mindfully and purposefully.

meal planning

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It’s also very important to do an inventory of your fridge and pantry before you go to the store. Always check what you have in your cupboards so you’re not wasting food (and money) purchasing something new when you could have used what you already own. It’s always best to use everything up for your meal preps and stock up with new items for the next weeks. In any case, less food waste is so much better for your bank account and the world.

How do you stay organised?

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  1. 25th September 2020 / 13:42

    I used to make a meal plan once a month, and it was such a time and money saver, I don’t even remember why I stop, but your post made me realize that I should give it another go 🙂

    • Monica
      25th September 2020 / 14:51

      I’m so glad I could help motivate you! Would love to see your meal plans…tag me on Insta!

  2. 7th September 2020 / 09:39

    I could definitely do with planning more in advance as we do often have wastage or duplicate items.

    • Monica
      7th September 2020 / 09:54

      Yes exactly the reasons why it would help! I’m a begginer too when it comes to meal planning but I’m definitely taking my own advice! I’ll be putting a post together with a step by step on how to start meal planning!

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