Motherhood Tip: Baby Essentials

Motherhood Tip: Baby Essentials

My motherhood tip of the week:

Baby Essentials I Really Needed to Buy

For me the pregnancy months seemed to go on forever. I really needed something to occupy my time with to help things along. Planning my baby shower, the nursery (well the corner of my room for the time being) and all baby essentials were on my list of things to do. I bought a whole load of things – some were necessary, some were not, but as time went on and after a lot of Instagram watching, I knew there were a whole load of stuff I wish I had bought.

Stroll In The Park

As my motherhood tip of this week I’m listing the 5 baby essentials that I wish I had purchased:

1. Rocking Chair

I think a rocking chair is vital for any parent and carer of children. They can be used to feed babies, soothe babies and even just hold and play with baby in a comfortable position. I found sitting and feeding baby really hurt my back without the proper setting and proper comfortable chair. Also I really felt like I needed to pick my feet up to rest on something and these great gliders come with just that: a foot stool. They also glide/ rock so help to soothe baby whether you are putting them to bed at night or just resting during the day. The colours are neutral so can be used for boys and girls and would suit in any nursery. Once I finally move house and my little angel gets his own room I will be designing the nursery and this item is a MUST!!!

Angel Line Glider and Ottoman US version

Tutti Bambini Glider and Ottoman UK version

Costzon Baby Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set US version

Serenity Nursing Glider Maternity Chair with Stool UK version

Christmas Grocery Shopping

2. Sound Machine

I have heard a lot of good things about having a sound machine or white noise machine to help baby sleep peacefully and through the night. Ok so these are assertions and I cannot say whether this in fact helps as I have never bought one and not sure how the noise exactly soothes babies but apparently it does. If you are reading this and you’re thinking “this never worked with my baby” don’t fret – seriously. Every baby is sooo different  that one thing may help one mum and a completely different thing will help another.

I’ll be putting together a blog post on the misconceptions of the recommended approach for dealing with babies that never worked for me and will be going through what actually worked for us and our crazy flexible routine. I’m doing this because I myself felt sooo bad that all of these recommendations I read about online and things that worked with babies never actually worked for us. I don’t want other mums to feel disappointment unnecessarily when each baby decides for itself what works and what doesn’t. Sign up for my weekly motherhood tips below to stay up to date with all of my blog posts so you don’t miss this.

The way the noise machines work is that they are supposed replicate sounds inside the womb reassuring baby and keeping him calm and relaxed in an environment he is familiar with. Therefore I always assumed that these machines are only suitable for newborns. These white noise machines are always being recommended by various sleep consultants on Instagram, so I asked one helpful lady whether someone who had never used a sound machine with their baby, could in fact implement it with an 8month old. They said yes! I still haven’t tried but it is in my Amazon basket so maybe I’ll take the plunge and buy one.

Autumn Leaves

Here are a few I came across:

SweetDreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep (US link)

Bubzi Co White Noise Sleep Aid (US link)

MyHummy Lily Sleep Sensor and white and pink noise machine UK only

Snooz White Noise Machine US only

3. Snuggle Pod

As I cyberstalk all my favourite mummy bloggers on Instagram, I keep coming across a pillow-like lounger with very adorable babies sleeping in them. After a little more digging I realised that these clever little pillows (or snuggle pods) actually keep baby cocooned safely and snuggly…recreating mummy’s hugs and apparently the womb. At this point I understood that I, again, was missing a valuable item in my “nursery”.

There are soo many types of snuggle pods and to my surprise it isn’t just for newborns. There are actually ones for older babies. The question of course remains, would an older baby, who loves to move a lot especially in his sleep, sleep in one of these?? If you have any experience of this please let me know below!! I think it may be a little late in the day for me to purchase one of these for my little boy now but for baby number 2 this is on my DEFINETELY list.

These are the ones I have been coming across on Instagram:

Dockatot Deluxe (US link) – This seems to be the most popular choice. It’s an all in one baby lounger which is great for co-sleeping too. It’s suitable for babies aged 0-8 months – but doubt it would hold slightly larger babies that are younger then 8 months. I have read that those with larger babies should go for the bigger size from the outset: the Dockatot Grande (US link) – which is suitable for babies aged 9-36 months. Yes that is quite a big age gap to try to fit into but sorry I honestly cannot comment on this until I try it out for myself. These Dockatot snuggle pods are a little on the expensive side too so not sure whether the benefit outweighs the expensive price-tag so another point to check. Again if any experienced mamas out there have tried it and agree that it is worth it – holla!!

A slightly (more than slightly) cheaper version of these snuggle pods is the Poddle Pod (for babies aged 0-6 months) and the Toddle Pod (for  6-36 months). The idea behind this is the same as the Dockatot minus the brand name and price tag. The shape seems to be a little different: more rectangle as opposed to oval but the babies in the pictures on Amazon seem comfortable and cosy enough.

If you looking for another well-known brand then the Snuggle Me Organic (a US brand) is also quite popular on Instagram. Here is the UK link but they send it from the US so allow for shipping costs and times if you looking to buy it.

Out For A Walk With Baby

4. Baby Rocker

In a way this item is not super necessary but if you need a few minutes to deal with some chores or even pop to the bathroom it could be helpful to put your baby into the rocker (always at eye sight preferably) and go about your business – always keeping an eye on your baby of course. Some rockers are even great at rocking and soothing your baby. This is a great thing if like my little angel your hands look like they are about to fall off and you need something else (if no one else is at home) to rock him instead. Like the rest of the items in this post I haven’t actually used one of these before – my baby isn’t one to sit somewhere for a prolonged period of time – so cannot comment on whether it works or doesn’t but I imagine it would be quite  helpful.

4 moms mamaroo (US link) – This is a bluetooth enabled high-tech swing set with 5 motions

Fisher Price Auto Rocker with smart connect (delivered from the US) and here for a version in the UK (US link)

BabyBjorn Bouncer (US link)

Babymoov Swoon Motion (US link)

DISCLAIMER – never leave your baby unattended in one of these nor leave them to sleep in these for too long. Always read the instructions and follow any specific recommendations. I am in no way a specialist or medical profession so please use with caution at your own accord.


5. Nappy Bin

A nappy bin/ disposal system is a MUST. I have on many occasions found myself throwing a wet nappy and baby wipes on the floor after changing my angel because there was no bin nearby. As he got older placing it nearby was not an option. He grabs literally everything. The smell from some nappies are seriously smelly (seriously) and you really need to put it somewhere away from your normal bin. The smell lingers and affects your normal household bins therefore separate them.

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System – here is a great starter pack for the newbies (US link). It includes the actual bin itself plus cassets with the special nappy sacks. What’s great about the Tommee Tippee Bin is that it twists and wraps each nappy when you put it in. The odour is locked in and the antibacterial film kills 99% of germs on contact. In the States, I know that the Diaper Genie is quite popular.

Well there you have it, my 5 top recommendations of what you should really buy when planning your pregnancy! Even if you don’t buy items 1-4, the Diaper bin is really a must!! I’ll be sure to buy all of these for baby number 2 – then I’ll be able to properly report them to you!!

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What baby essentials do you recommend?? Let us know below…

Til next time XX Monica XX

Full Disclosure: by clicking on these links I may earn a little commission but it does not affect you in any way. I only recommend stores I myself love, know about and/or have purchased from before – so don’t worry it’s all good 😊


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