Our Services

We provide personalised luxury home organising services to bring calm, order and style to your home.

We pride ourselves in providing a dedicated bespoke service customising our methods to your individual needs, routines, home and life.

Our services include decluttering, organising and styling your home, as well as providing full home moving services.

Our inspiration is Mari Kondo and we use the basis of the “KonMari Method” to declutter, organise and contain all of your items


We help you clear all the clutter in your home, and help you make the hard decisions on what to keep and what to let go of. We use a customised approach to dealing with your clutter and take you through the whole process step by step.

We go through all of your items for decluttering by category instead of the standard “room by room” approach. This method has been tried and tested to work more beneficially for both the organisers and the clients


In our adaptation of the KonMari method as we organise by category, focusing our energy on each item and the joy each item sparks as we organise according to how you use the item instead of where it belongs.

We evaluate each space and ensure each item in your house, whether it is the kitchen, pantry, bathroom or even office, has its own home. We evaluate how the current systems and storage solutions can serve you better and what we can do to adapt them to work better for you.

We design the outline together, sourcing products you may need (after we try to repurpose the old products and storage solutions) and create functional and beautiful systems to keep your home organised.

Finally, we teach you the methods you can use to maintain those stylish and functional systems even once our job is complete.


No organising job is complete without a style. When it comes to the functional systems we create for you, we also want to ensure those systems and spaces are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. When your space, room or home look organised, tidy and beautiful, your tone for the day is set. You are happier, more satisfied, creative and productive.

We help you create a stylish home, making suggestions of how to arrange your décor and interiors whether it is a new build, new house or just a space you want rearranged as it is no longer working for you, and not bringing you any joy!

House Moving

We help deal with all of your moving needs. Whether it is just to declutter and pack your stuff or declutter, pack, move, unpack and organise your new home, we take care of everything for you.

We take the stress out of the most stressful process in your life. We can deal with everything on your behalf, including disassembling of furniture, the moving vans/ people, setting everything up in its own place, preparing your new organised home and life ready for you to enjoy.

Virtual Organising

If you live outside of our servicing areas (or even internationally) or just prefer to get a little advice and tips on how you can get organised yourself DIY style, then this service is for you. We offer virtual organising as a way to take you through each step of the process, providing all of our tips and methods guiding you and facilitating the process.

We can deal with one room or issue or we can virtually organise your whole home. This works just as effectively for those who may not be comfortable with someone else coming into your home or just want to do it all by yourself.

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