Six Ways to Simplify Your Bedroom

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For some people, having a lot of items and a busy sense of style in their home is what they like, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the trend in most modern homes in recent years has been a more minimalistic and simple design style. Creating a simple sense of style can allow you to feel more relaxed and calmer at home if fewer things are cluttering up your rooms. Your bedroom is a room which can benefit from a more simplistic design, so below are six ways you can simplify your bedroom and achieve great results.

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Maximise storage spaces

Perhaps the most obvious area when looking to simplify a room is to clean up any clutter and keep the room as tidy as possible. In your bedroom, it’s easy to allow clothes to build up into small piles. This can happen with clean and dirty clothes. Storage is critical in both cases. Ensuring you have enough wardrobe space for your clean clothes to be put away immediately after they’re washed and dried is essential. Also, having a place for all your dirty washing to go so that it does not build up in a pile on the floor is crucial.

While it is easy to talk about decluttering, in practice, there are always going to be things that you may not want on display but that you do not want to get rid of. It’s important to have some storage space you can use for everyday items and an excellent place for this is under your bed. If you have space under your bed, it can be a good idea to invest in some storage boxes to keep bits and pieces organised and together but out of the way.

Concentrate on two key colours 

If you introduce lots of colours to a room, it can look unnecessarily busy. By keeping the colour scheme of your bedroom to just two key colours, you can simplify the room and create an effective design. While we’re not saying you can only use two colours, try using shades of those colours. For example, use different shades of grey and blue. This allows you to have different colours on your floor, walls, bedding etc. and accent them with highlights of the other colour.

Clean and elegant flooring 

One of the best ways to simplify your bedroom is to maximise the floor space you have to create an open and airy space you can enjoy. While everyone will have different amounts of floor space available in their bedroom, having a simple but stunning floor always looks fantastic.

In your bedroom, it’s important to have a floor which is comfortable underfoot. For those cold winter mornings when you first bring your feet out of a nice warm bed, the last thing you want is to feel a cold hard floor underneath you. An option like luxury vinyl flooring provides you with a variety of stunning and straightforward flooring designs whilst being practical. For bedrooms, a wood style vinyl floor can work really well but don’t discount the stone look with vinyl. To achieve a simple and elegant look its best to keep any pattern with vinyl tiles as simple as possible.

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Avoid having a work area  

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic we are currently dealing with, lots of people have found themselves working from home over the past few months. This looks set to continue for some of us for a while yet, so having a work area at home is crucial. However, if possible, try and avoid setting up your work area in your bedroom. This is for two reasons, firstly by keeping your work out of your bedroom, it helps keep the space from getting cluttered with laptops and piles of paper. Secondly, by keeping your bedroom separate from work, this allows you to relax more easily in a room you don’t associate with work.

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Reduce the visibility of wires 

Given our reliance on technology, it’s hard to avoid wires in modern homes. Bedrooms are no different, so by reducing the amount of visible wires you can simplify and tidy up the room. Try putting a cable tie around groups of wires to keep them together and stop them from spreading out. Some of the most obvious wires we all see in bedrooms are phone chargers. It can be worth looking into installing a wireless charging pad on your bedside table to reduce the number of loose wires.

Don’t overload your walls 

Having photos or art on bedroom walls is a great way of expressing your personality and style along with making your bedroom feel more personal to you. One thing to avoid is overloading your walls with lots of things. This can make your room feel smaller than it is, particularly if you have wall storage such as shelves with lots of stuff on them. By choosing a few key things to put on your walls, you can express your taste without overloading them.

Hopefully, these six tips can help you simplify your bedroom and create a space you’ll enjoy spending time relaxing and getting some well-deserved rest.

How simplified is your bedroom? 

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  1. 25th September 2020 / 03:45

    Great tips I need to redo my bedroom and I will take those tips into action.

    • Monica
      25th September 2020 / 07:03

      Oh that’s great! Would love to see the progress! Feel free to tag me on Insta!

  2. 25th September 2020 / 03:29

    Great Ideas! I’ve been recently going through my bedroom closet trying to create wardrobe capsule to help simplify my closet and reduce my laundry load.

    • Monica
      25th September 2020 / 07:04

      That’s a great idea! Would love to see how it all turns out! You can tag me on Insta 👍🏻 And if you need any ideas on creating Capsule Wardrobes or even Decluttering I have a couple of posts on these areas!

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