Our Day Out to the Baby Show 2020 – Excel London

Our Day Out to the Baby Show 2020 – Excel London

On Friday 28th February, Max, daddy and I attended The Baby Show at London Excel. We had never been before and even though, yes I am already a mum of 2 under 2, and technically don’t need any more baby stuff (says my husband), I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. I’ve also provided you with my main tips at making the most out of the baby show if you are a blogger or influencer (with a printable freebie just for you – no email necessary).

Full Disclosure: I was very kindly gifted 2 tickets to The Baby Show by Stature PR but the opinions in this blog post are 100% my own.

Our Day Out to the Baby Show 2020 – Excel London

Standard tickets to The Baby Show cost £17.50 per person and includes entrance to the show. You can get a MadeForMums goody bag for £5 per bag and includes goodies worth £45 such as a small MAM bottle, shampoo samples, magazine, etc. They say to order in advance as stocks are low but as we went on the first day there were plenty of bags around. Looking at videos on Instagram from Saturday and Sunday where the show was so busy, we are happy we went on a Friday! Much less people.


Such an amazing feature to include at The Baby Show 2020 – an Ice-Cream Truck right inside the exhibition hall. Perhaps not weather friendly as it was literally pouring down with rain that day but nevertheless an excellent idea all around.

Our first and most important stop of the day as to the Press Office where Stature PR gave us our VIP wristbands (made me remember our trips to all-inclusive resorts). No, these aren’t the passes that get you into the VIP lounge but I took a quick sneak peek into the lounge next door to see what was going on. The girls at the front immediately noticed that my wrist band was not theirs so said “You’re next door” Yes thank you I know, I was just looking around. Goody bags were laying around, afternoon tea trays being carried out and a large room for the VIP mummies to hang out in. The VIP tickets cost around £60 per person and include a “Premium show experience, exclusive access to the VIP lounge, complimentary food, and drink, and a luxury goody bag”. Maybe it’s worth it – for the goody bag and complimentary food and drink as I love Afternoon Tea! Here’s some more information about the Very Important Parent experience.

Keep reading for my 5 tips for bloggers and influencers to making the most of the Baby Show (plus a printable for you!)

Advertising popular products in the press lounge.

The baby feeding cafe at The Baby Show was great. I wish Michael was with us so we could try out the Little Freddie samples of baby food that they had laid out for mummies and daddies to use with their babies! It’s nice to get some freebies when you attend shows such as these. In all honesty, I was expecting more freebies to be given out but there really wasn’t. I had previously attended restaurant and drink shows and the amount of freebies they give it is far better then what I saw here. And no, I’m not scrounging around for freebies, just as a blogger I would have loved to be given some new products to review for Instagram and the blog. Keep reading for my tips for bloggers when attending The Baby Show.

Keep scrolling for my 5 tips for bloggers and influencers to making the most of the Baby Show (plus a printable for you!)

I couldn’t take pictures of the breastfeeding lounge as there were other mummies nursing there but if you look at my Instagram Story Highlights under Baby Show you can see a cheeky glimpse of us chilling there. This is the Alford Glider Chair And Stool we tested out at the Baby Hoot stand – a brand I hadn’t heard of before this but really soft and comfortable chair. I really want one!!!

Max here testing out the Snuz bed and bedding!

As Max is only 3 months old and not on solids yet, we stopped by the Breast Feeding room to have a little lunch and nap. This was by far my favorite feature of The Baby ShowThey put amazing rocking chairs/ gliders for us mummies to feed comfortably in and oh my god!! I am sold. I need a rocking chair/ glider. If there ever was a Number 1 item that I would recommend to new mums is, GET A ROCKING CHAIR OR GLIDER! This definitely gets added to my list of Baby Nursery Essentials and Breast Feeding Essentials.

We stopped by the Ergobaby stand and tested out the Omni 360 and it was a great fit, to be honest. Didn’t expect it at all. It felt like I wasn’t carrying a 6-7kg baby.

Keep scrolling for my 5 tips for bloggers and influencers to making the most of the Baby Show (plus a printable for you!)

Loved the pushchairs by this brand Mee-Go – the backs on the carrycots are done so you can raise them – great for babies who get frustrated laying down for too long and especially great for babies with reflux when you need to raise the back of the prams up – saves having to put a wedge pillow like I do.

5 Top Tips for Bloggers & Influencers attending the Baby Show

I thought I would share a few tips I wish I had been told before I attended to get the most out of it blogging/ influencing-wise.

  1. Research the brands that will be exhibiting by checking out the website and exhibitors list – this way you will know which brands you would like to approach to talk to about possible collaborations or ask any questions you may have.
  2. Once you have compiled a list of brands you want to speak to, reach out to them via email and arrange a time slot to talk to them at the show on the day you will be attending. This way they will know who you are when you come over to their stand – putting a name to a face makes you a real person and they will know you are pretty serious about collaborating with them.
  3. Prepare business cards if you can as everyone at the stands are usually pretty busy and can only spare a few minutes to talk so having business cards would be very handy to give out to the brands that way they will remember you and hopefully contact you after the show.
  4. Try not to take up too much of their time as the whole point of them being there is to sell their stuff so be courteous but make yourself known to them.
  5. After the show make sure you follow up with an email so you pop into their inbox prompting them to remember you and email back with a proposition for working together moving forward #goals.

Click here for your free printable!


I enjoyed our little event outing as I got to spend some time out and about with Max and hubby and meet some new people. Plus I got to see amazing products and wonderful friendly brands that I hadn’t even heard of before. Would I recommend this show to parents? YES, if you are an expectant mummy or daddy or just had a baby and need to buy the essentials. The brands at The Baby Show provide show offers and discounts when purchasing the baby essentials so it is worth making a list of everything you need, doing some research as to which brands are exhibiting and go along with your negotiating faces on and have fun purchasing items that you need for your little ones.

If you have any questions you want answered about the show let me know in the comments or pop me an email to monica@stylinglifetoday.com. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What experiences do you have with The Baby Show? Let me know in the comments below.

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Til next time xxx Monica xxx


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    • Monica
      5th March 2020 / 01:06

      Oh would have been great to have met you! We were there on Friday too!

  1. Mollie
    5th March 2020 / 00:21

    We went on the Friday too, glad we didn’t go on the weekend. Looked so busy!

    • Monica
      5th March 2020 / 00:39

      Friday was so relaxed but yes Saturday and Sunday was full from the looks of it on Instagram!

  2. Ezinma
    4th March 2020 / 10:39

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the baby show. I don’t have business cards for my blog. I guess I should get some and keep them handy.

    • Monica
      4th March 2020 / 11:32

      Yea I didn’t know about this tip either 🙈

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