Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials You Actually Need

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I would like to share my Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials that you actually need. After setting up my nursery (well the corner of my room that I dedicated to my baby’s nursery), and also checking out A LOT of baby-related Instagram pages, I managed to finally understand which essentials are actually ESSENTIAL!

Full Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links which means that when you click on these links and buy something, I may earn a little commission but it does not affect you in any way. I only recommend products I myself love, know about and/or have purchased before. Some of the items have been gifted to me as part of a collaboration to review but please note that all of the opinionsĀ are 100% my own šŸ˜Š

Here is my list of the Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials:

There are a lot of products out there that may seem “necessary” to have but are in fact just cute and nice to have around but totally unnecessary! So I decided to help all you mamas out there by compiling a list of the top 5 baby nursery essentials that I consider actually necessary.

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1. Feeding pillow

If there is one baby nursery or baby feeding essential that you MUST buy – it is a Breast Feeding Pillow (US link). The breastfeeding pillow is the number one item that falls in the top 5 baby nursery essentials. This amazing little thing helps with feeding your little one. It can be used both for breastfeeding or bottle feeding (remember FED IS BEST).

The pillow helps keep baby on nearby and in position. One of it’s best features is that it prevents backaches and uncomfortable-ness. It is soft and bouncy yet supportive. Baby can even use it to lie against when a little bigger or lean on for tummy time. It is versatile and helpful. I used it with Michael and now with baby no 2.

There is a crazy version of the feeding pillow in America called My Breast Friend Feeding Pillow (US link) – available in the UK too. It ties around you back so keeps in place, which I guess is very helpful when baby wriggles around so much. This breastfeeding pillow is supposed to be very good for your back and posture. Fewer back pains. I haven’t tried this nor know anyone that in fact has, but it seems like a good idea.

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2.Ā Changing Mat (US link) and Disposable Mats (US link)

The 2nd most important nursery essential that you need in your life is a changing table (US link). This is usually a dresser of drawers with a changing table section on top of it. Once the baby has outgrown the changing table (at approx 6 months or when baby can actually sit up or even roll over, whichever is earlier), it becomes a regular dresser.

I personally had no space for a new special changing table as I already had a dresser with drawers in my room. All I did to save space and make it useful, was (1) remove all of my stuff from the drawers and replace with new baby stuff (this can be baby clothes and/or changing essentials), and (2) added a changing mat on top of the dresser. Abracadabra and now I have a changing table.

For those wondering how best to set up your dresser for little baby – I used the two top drawers to store all the changing essentials such as

baby wipes, baby nappies and changing mats

I also keep other baby essentials like nail clippers, thermometer, brush etc in the drawer. I use these cute little wicker-type baskets to hold them in. This just ensures everything stays tidy and neat in my drawers.

You can read more about my tip on baby essentials here and how to save money on baby essentials here.

3. Baby Monitors

A baby camera or monitor is a very important baby nursery essential that falls in the top 5 baby nursery essentials list. When the baby goes to sleep you need to be able to watch him. Listen out if he is crying. I honestly have no idea how our parents had no baby monitors when we were babies. I mean come on.

Maybe in a way they didn’t spend their evening staring at a monitor or their phones and relaxed. I mean like you wouldn’t hear your baby from the next room or downstairs. But hey we are living in a modern world and we are used to what we are used to. So yes we have baby cams and they are important.

There are 2 types of baby monitors you can get:

Bluetooth connected monitor

You can have the type that is through an actual monitor – the old fashioned way, connected by Bluetooth. The downside of this is that the range may be poor. So if you have thick walls or the baby room is far away from where you are then you will have poor or no connection. Our first camera was one of these. We had added the Motorola Baby Cam (US link) to our registry list for Michael’s baby Shower.

I was so excited about it and it worked ok for the first 6 months. However, after a few connection problems, you really start getting pissed off. My monitor really experienced connection problems and pretty much always. Our baby registry list was with John Lewis, and their returns policy is amazing too (Amazon Prime has a great returns policy no doubt) – but with John Lewis, we could return it even after 6 months.

My husband went to the store, took the camera and it’s accessories and returned it. Phew – we got the money back in credit to spend on other things we wanted from John Lewis which was fab. In the meantime, we searched for the perfect baby camera.

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WI-FI connected baby monitor

The second type of baby cameras that are available are WiFi-connected ones. The ones you can use your mobile phones to track and monitor. They have their own apps and as long as you have a WiFi connection to connect the actual camera in your home, then you can watch the baby from anywhere in the world. This is the future.

I had seen a great one recommended by some of my favourite US bloggers: the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor (US link). This particular camera wasn’t available in the UK – only the US so I couldn’t get it. It wasn’t until after my second baby shower that I noticed it was finally available in the UK. It positions very well on the wall or can be bought with a stand for a bird’s eye view. You can take $20 off by using my personalised link

The Nanit even tells you how long your baby has been asleep for and monitors the baby’s sleep patterns. The app also provides a highlight reel of how the baby slept and provides you with tips and guidance. It shows the temperature and humidity of the room to ensure baby is comfortable. You can talk to the baby through the app and listen even when your phone is turned off. It really is amazing. Will be gifting this to my sister definitely when she is expecting.

The baby camera I bought

The camera that I actually settled on and bought on Amazon is theĀ Lollipop Baby Monitor (US link). I saw a UK blogger saying how great it was so thought I would try it. And I must say I was very impressed. So it may not be as fancy and techie as the Nanit (I’m sure the people behind the app could possibly add such features – I may have to ask them) but it is still quite great.

I no longer have any connection issues – just the odd one when my WiFi sucks. But that is an issue for EE, not the Lollipop people. It sends you notifications of when your baby is crying. You can connect multiple cameras to it, as I have now and it shows multi-view for both of my children in different rooms. It is portable as we have taken it on holiday so you can always watch your baby.

I love the colour of the camera and that it can bend and attach to pretty much anything or can be hanged on the wall. I definitely recommend this camera. Not as pricey as the Nanit but still over a hundred pounds. Well worth it though, as baby cams may not be something you should be trying to get too cheaply.

The Lollipop also has a great feature which plays white noise and lullabies that you can switch on and off (and increase/decrease the volume) through the app. Both Michael and Max love listening to a lullaby before they drift off to sleep and it works wonders for me. Soothing baby melodies may work better for your baby than white noise.

4. Cot Bed

baby lying in bed with pacifer

Another nursery essential is the Cot bed. I ended up settling on the East Coast Alaska Sleigh Cot Bed. I am very happy with this bed and used it with Michael when he was a newborn, 6 months and even after 12 months once he kept trying to get out of it. It has 3 positions available, plus you can remove the sides (one or both) so it becomes a toddler bed. I can even fit on it. So it definitely holds quite a lot.

This is a very handy transitional bed. If Michael had his own nursery I would have bought a grey colour but to fit in with my room I bought it in white. It comes with a great drawer in the bottom to keep bedding, swaddles and sleep bags in it.

Here is the grey version and comes in a bundle with a Changing Table Dresser – it’s very nice. Wish I had space for it.

5. Rocking Chair

This is one item I did not buy. I didn’t have space for it. A rocking chair or glider is a very important baby nursery essential as it really makes a difference where and how you sit to feed, cuddle or soothe your baby. There were so many times I really needed to sit comfortably and lift my feet up when feeding my baby and how I wished I had a very comfortable glider. I can imagine how it helps when you are trying to rock you baby to calm him down or when the baby has fallen asleep on you and your butt is going numb and legs are aching but you cannot move. Oh, how I wanted to get one with baby no2 but still space is an issue. The best I get is a semi-comfortable armchair in the living room corner which does to be fair, come with a footstool.

baby with mummy sitting sleeping

Tutti Bambini does a cute grey one and so does Obaby. For US versions here is a cute glider and so is this one.

Make sure you read up on why I love Amazon Prime as you can get next day delivery and amazing deals by buying all your essentials from Amazon.

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So there you have it – my top 5 baby nursery essentials that you actually need in your life. I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your most important baby product or essential?

Til next time XX Monica XX


Full Disclosure: Full Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links which means that when you click on these links and buy something, I may earn a little commission but it does not affect you in any way. I only recommend products I myself love, know about and/or have purchased before. Some of the items have been gifted to me as part of a collaboration to review but please note that all of the opinionsĀ are 100% my own šŸ˜Š


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    Feeding pillow is really a must with moms spending a lot of time feeding baby in the initial 6 months. Rocking chair is very useful too. I love the camera you selected.

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